Season of Migration to the North Response Journal 2

Choose from the prompts below for the second portion of the novel (pages 51-95):

Explore one of the following topics/motifs in this portion:

    1. The difference between men and women
    2. Tradition versus technology,
    3. The author’s treatment of age (differing perspectives on what it means to be old or young).

Responses will be 300-400 words in length in MLA format. Incorporate quotes as textual evidence, not to exceed 25 percent on the Turnitin originality report. The response journals will be submitted to on March 30 by 11:59 PM. They will be evaluated with the IB Assessment Criteria A and C. In order to be considered at the highest level for criterion C, you must use two of the following punctuation in your journal entry: colon, dash, or parenthesis.

Formal Writing Assignment Non Negotiables

From now on, any writing assignment that is turned in, all of the following applies:

  1. Format your paper according to MLA guidelines. All aspects of this have to be correct.
  2. Write about literature in the present tense.
  3. Write in third person. Exception: reflective statements.
  4. Do not (not don’t) use contractions
  5. Use formal language.